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Carpentry Services

The Honey Do Service, Inc. can handle any and all of your carpentry needs from framing to deck repair or construction, repairing wood rot, to simply hanging shelves in a closet or pantry. Our professionally trained and insured carpenters will ensure you get the best possible service and workmanship - guaranteed for a full year. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate.

Trim Carpentry

Interior trim work makes a home look more elegant and polished. Chances are, your home already has basic baseboard and doorway trim. But you can improve the look and add character by adding features such as crown moldings, chair rails or wainscoting. The Honey Do Service hires trim and joinery specialists who have years of experience in the installation of trim carpentry, so think of us for your trim & molding needs.

Wood Rot Repair & Wood Siding Repairs

Damaged wood is most commonly found on the exterior of a home, since it has been exposed to the elements. We handle rotten wood repair, wood siding repair and trim repair with no-rot materials, James Hardie siding, trim and PVC trim over windows and doors. Our staff has experience with all types of rotten wood repair and we come prepared to install new flashing and weatherproof materials that will resist rotting and protect your home for the long run. Our experts can repair interior carpentry, as well, including wood trim, doors, jams and frames.

Subfloor Repair

In many cases, subflooring damage is due to a water leak of some kind. If the subfloor was not properly dried, it can cause extensive damage and even mold leading to health concerns. Whether your subfloor is uneven, rotted, or has sustained termite damage, our professionals can help you with repair or replacement as needed.

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