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Interior & Exterior Door Installation, Replacement, & Repair

The Honey Do Service offers a smooth door replacement process from start to finish, including helping you find the right products for your home and budget (we're a factory direct source for replacement doors), a no-mess, no-guess installation day, and peace of mind from our one year warranty.

Does your door close unevenly or not at all? Or perhaps your sliding patio door has become detached from its track. Whatever the door problem, our handymen can repair or replace your uneven, stuck, or broken door. What to turn that unused garage opening into beautiful french doors? Or widen your entry way? We can do that, too! Contact us for your free estimate.

Entry Door Replacement

If you're looking to add character to the exterior of your home, a new entry door will do just that! Entry doors are typically made from solid wood, fiberglass, or steel and are made with and without glass windows. We can share with you the pros and cons of each type of doors so you can make the best choice for youe home. In addition to replacing your entry door we can widen your doorway or add elegant side-panels which give an even bigger "wow factor" to the front of your home.

Sticking & Sliding Door Repair

Sliding doors are a beautiful and stylish addition to your home’s interior and exterior design. Elegant and contemporary, they enhance visual appeal and increase aesthetic value. But over the years, your sliding doors can turn into sticking doors, not opening, gliding or closing properly or easily. Coating the track with a lubricant doesn’t help your sliding door glide smoothly because sliding doors don’t actually slide but roll on wheels on a track. Replacing these wheels, and occasionally the track will get your sliding doors working effortlessly again. Let us come take a look!

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